About Dr. Lee
Dr. Lee was a regular family doctor until his wife had an emotional breakdown from gaining 90+lbs during her first pregnancy.
Dr. Lee's Journey began after he promised to help his wife to lose weight. But she couldn't tolerate any of the conventional methods. And She ended up going further down the emotional spiral.
Dr. Lee became obsessed to find the key to weight loss. He spent endless hours and resources to help his wife. During the journey, Dr. Lee gained specialized knowledge and realized the weight loss information online was DEAD WRONG or CONFUSING at best.

Dr. Lee has extracted the Weight Loss Secrets from the Top 5% of the successful people in the world and applied to his wife. As a result, she could lose all of baby weight TWICE and could love her body again.
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • ​Cardiometabolic Weight Loss Specialist
  • ​Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
  • ​Certified Medical Weight Loss Physician
  • ​Certified Brain Health Coach

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Dr. Lee explains why is it so hard to lose weight from all the lessons he learned as a Medical Doctor and a Weight Loss Coach.

It is not uncommon to see doctors, lawyers, CEOs, business owners, professors, and pastors who are overweight. Being overweight and feeling like there's nothing you can do about it is the worst feeling. You feel like you are a competent and intelligent person. You are a wonderful human being and do amazing things in the world but why can't you lose weight? Why can't you figure this out?

To make things worse, there are so many answers out there. There are so many options out there and none of them seems to work. You have tried all sorts of diets and exercise plans for years and been in the endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain.
Nutritionist will talk about the importance of diet for the weight loss. Personal Trainers will talk about importance of exercise for the weight loss. Psychologists will talk about importance of the mind for the weight loss. Medical Doctors will talk about the hormones in the body for the weight loss. The people online will talk about anything they believe is the key to weight loss. And you are literally in the sea of information without direction, more confused than ever before.

Weight loss is combination of understanding our brain, how we are taught to think, learning how to handle our emotions, understanding our hormones and how they interact with food that we eat, environmental factors that interfere with normal body's functions and much more. Dr. Lee was frustrated by the fractal information so he created a program that handles everything about weight loss. In his book, Dr. Lee explains 5 root causes of weight gain that you need to know in order to lose weight successfully and keep it off. So, go ahead, get your instant access to the Weight Loss Mastermind and start your Successful Weight Loss Journey Today!
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